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Bill Title

HB 1059


State Response to Military Interpersonal Violence (Recognize MPOs)
Passed 03/17/2017


HB 1059 recognized military protective orders from other states or jurisdictions if the issuing court had jurisdiction, gave proper notice and opportunity to be heard against the person whom the order was issued. A "military protective order" is defined "an official command directed at a service member for the purpose of preventing violent and threatening acts against a person who: (A) Is the current or former spouse of the service member; (B) Is or was a child, step-child, parent, step-parent, sibling, guardian, or ward of the service member; (C) Is residing or cohabitating or in the past has resided or cohabitated with the service member; (D) Has or had a child in common with the service member; (E) Is or has been in a dating relationship with the service member as defined by § 9-15-103; (F) Has had an intimate sexual relationship with the service member; or (G) Has made allegations against the service member of violations of the punitive article of sexual misconduct as defined by § 12-26 64-845; and (2) "Service member" means a person serving in: (A) Any branch or reserve component of the United States Armed Forces; or (B) The National Guard of any state."

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