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State Response to Military Interpersonal Violence (Include Coercive Control)
Passed 04/30/2021


HB 1724 amended Ark. Code Ann Sec 9-15-219 (a)(1) to define “Course of control” means a pattern of behavior that in purpose or effect unreasonably interferes with the free will and personal liberty of a person. Ark. Code Ann. Sec 9-15-403(1), amended in 2007, defines Emotional Abuse as any of the following acts: "(A) Verbally attacking or threatening a spouse by yelling, screaming, or name-calling; (B) Using criticism, social isolation, intimidation, or exploitation to dominate a spouse; (C) Criminally harassing a spouse; (D) Stalking a spouse; (E) Threatening a spouse or his or her loved ones; (F) Damaging a spouse's possessions; or (G) Harming the pet of a spouse;"


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