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Temporary Licensure Expansion: AB 107


Enhanced Military Spouse Licensure Portability
Passed 10/08/2021


This bill expands the requirement to issue temporary licenses to practice a profession or vocation to include licenses issued by any board within the department, except as provided. It also requires: -An applicant for a temporary license provide to the board documentation that the applicant has passed a California law and ethics examination if otherwise required by the board for the profession or vocation for which the applicant seeks licensure. -Each board issue a temporary license within 30 days of receiving the required documentation if the results of a criminal background check do not show grounds for denial. -The Department of Consumer Affairs compile an annual report to the Legislature containing specified information relating to the professional licensure of veterans, servicemembers, and their spouses. -The Department of Consumer Affairs and each board within the department post specified information on their internet websites relating to licensure for military spouses, the availability of temporary licenses, and permanent licensure by endorsement or credential for out-of-state applicants.


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