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Bill Title

School Attendance: Interdistrict Transfers: SB 680/AB 306/AB 2949

Open Enrollment Flexibility
Passed 10/11/2009


This bill requires school districts of choice to establish a priority for children of military personnel to attend school outside of his/her district of residence, if requested by the parent. An additional bill prohibits school districts of residence from releasing a military child from attendance if the receiving school district approves the request. Finally, CA provides placement stability for military children, allowing them to remain in their current school placement for the duration of the school year following a move out of their school or district of residence. 48306. (a) A school district of choice shall give first priority for attendance to siblings of children already in attendance in that district. (b) A school district of choice shall give second priority for attendance to pupils eligible for free or reduced-price meals. (c) A school district of choice shall give third priority for attendance to children of military personnel. 48307. (f) Notwithstanding any other provision of this article, a school district of residence shall not prohibit the transfer of a pupil who is a child of an active military duty parent. 48204.6. (b) Notwithstanding Section 48200, the local educational agency serving a pupil who is a child of a military family shall do either of the following: (1) Allow the pupil to continue his or her education in the school of origin, regardless of any change of residence of the military family during that school year, for the duration of the pupil’s status as a child of a military family.


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