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Florida Virtual School Access for Military Children:


Virtual School Enrollment
Passed 01/01/2019


Florida students at all grade levels have both full-time (virtual school) and part-time (virtual course) options. The options include virtual schools and courses offered by Florida Virtual School (FLVS) and by all 67 school districts. All of Florida’s virtual education options are designated by law as school choice options for Florida students and therefore open to military children under orders to the state with their military parent. Specifically: • Section 1002.20(6), Florida Statutes (F.S.), related to educational choice, lists virtual instruction programs and Florida Virtual School as educational choice options. • Section 1001.42(23), F.S., related to virtual instruction, requires school boards to provide students with access to virtual instruction programs, including Florida Virtual School and other approved providers, and to award credit for successful completion of such courses. • Section 1002.37(3)(c), F.S., states that school districts may not limit student access to courses offered through Florida Virtual School. • Section 1002.45(1)(b), F.S., requires school districts to provide all enrolled public school students within its boundaries the option of participating in part-time and full-time virtual instruction programs.


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