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Georgia Military Flagship School Program:


Purple Star School Program
Passed 09/03/2018


The Military Flagship School Award recognizes schools going above and beyond to provide a supportive environment for military students and families. Military Flagship Schools provide specific outreach to military families and recognize and accommodate their unique needs. Schools were asked to provide specific examples of their outreach to military families, including: Services and programs offered to support the needs of military students and their families. Training provided to school personnel to help them understand and support the needs of military children. Opportunities provided by the school to help military parents and their children connect with and feel supported by the surrounding community. Efforts to help military parents and their children feel engaged and respected within their new school by creating opportunities to get involved. Readily accessible, up-to-date digital information provided for prospective families (including regularly updated school and district websites and social media sites, future school calendars posted online, and information on websites about school offerings of specific interest to military families.


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