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Bill Title

HB 1555


Enhanced Military Spouse Licensure Portability
Passed 04/20/2023


Provides that a military service applicant who has held an occupational license, certification, registration, or permit (license) in another jurisdiction for at least one year may qualify for an Indiana license. Removes the requirement that an applicant have a license for at least two of the five years preceding the date of the application. Provides that an applicant may not have a complaint or investigation pending before an occupational licensing board (board) that relates to unprofessional conduct or an alleged crime. Provides that a military member's dependent may apply for an occupational license under the same conditions as a military member's spouse. Requires the board to issue a license to an applicant upon application based on work experience in another state if certain conditions are met. Provides that the requirement that a nonresident is entitled to the same rights and subject to the same obligations as required of a resident who is issued a license by a board does not apply to a member of the military, a military spouse, or a dependent who applies for a real estate broker or appraiser license. Allows an applicant to appeal a final determination of the board.

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