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An Act relative to military spouse-license portability, education and enrollment of dependents (SPEED Act) of 2021: S3075


Military Spouse Teacher Certification (Expedited, Flexibility, Temporary), Virtual School Enrollment
Passed 08/05/2022


Governor Baker signed the Military SPEED Act, sponsored by Senator John Velis and Representative Tom Stanley, which enacts a number of key initiatives relative to military spouse-license portability, education, and enrollment of dependents. The Massachusetts Adjutant General called the SPEED Act "the most encompassing military and veterans bill passed in the Commonwealth in the last century." The law requires licensing boards to issue licenses within thirty days, establishes a certification program for military spouse teachers, and makes these policies more accessible on board websites. The SPEED Act creates a state-sponsored Purple Star School recognition program to recognize military family friendly-schools. The law allows military orders to be used as proof of residency for enrollment in public schools, including virtual schools, allowing students to remain enrolled in virtual schools through the end of the school year despite a PCS move. The law also provides in-state tuition continuity for military dependents from the time of acceptance up until graduation.

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