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Authorizes the chief administrator of the courts to establish veterans treatment courts: A5719

New York

Veterans Treatment Court (Available, Open Selection)
Passed 03/29/2021


This law immediately and dramatically increases the number of counties in which veterans treatment courts are located. In order to broaden the availability of veteran treatment courts to all veterans, this act authorizes the transfer of a criminal case against a veteran where the charges are pending in a criminal court in a county that does not have a veterans treatment court to a veterans treatment court in an adjoining county. The process is triggered by an application by the defendant to the court. After giving the District Attorney of the originating county an opportunity to be heard, and with the consent of the receiving county's District Attorney; the court may order the removal of the action to a veterans treatment court in an adjoining county, except in cases where the accused and victim are family or from the same household.


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