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Military Service Occupation, Education and Credentialing Act: SB 670


Enhanced Military Spouse Licensure Portability
Passed 04/30/2019


SB 670 authorized active duty military personnel and their spouse, upon receiving notice or orders for military transfer or honorable discharge, may (in advance of transfer) request an expedited temporary or reciprocal occupational license for their currently held valid license from another state. State licensing boards, agencies, and commissions shall, upon receipt of an application and presentation of satisfactory evidence of equivalent education, training and experience from another state, issue the requested Oklahoma license within (30) days, provided the license from the other state is found to be in good standing and reasonably equivalent. A temporary or reciprocal license shall be valid for the same period as a full license. Each credentialing authority shall waive the application fee and further waive the license fees for the first period of issuance. The law is codified in Section 4100.8 of Title 59 in the Oklahoma State Code.


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