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Ask the Question Campaign


Key Message

State agencies may not provide referrals to service members, veterans and their families due to lack of identification. State agencies can connect service members, veterans and their families with local, state and federal resources by asking the question, “Have you or a family member ever served in the military?” on all intake forms.


Many state Veterans Affairs organizations/military staff provide training to expose agency service providers to military culture and applicable veteran services in order to improve their understanding of the veteran/family member and how to meet their needs by engaging the right agency, including federal services, which can reduce the burden on state and local resources. This initiative encourages states to engage all relevant agencies (including health care, social services, housing and education) to join in the effort in supporting those who have served our country.


In recent surveys, veterans have indicated that one of the top barriers to receiving care was that they “do not feel understood by the providers who serve them.” According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are approximately 18 million veterans living in the United States today — 7% of the adult population.

State Policymakers

If you are a state policymaker, request more information.