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Enhanced Initiatives Spouse Licensure


Key Message

States have established various policies to improve license portability for military spouses; however, many of these revised policies do too little to address career turmoil experienced by military spouses. Interstate compacts for occupations and a new round of state licensure policies seek to alleviate the core impediments for military spouses.


States can continue to improve licensing to eliminate barriers, which impede military spouses from becoming employed following a military move.


Sixty eight percent of married Service members reported their spouse�s ability to maintain a career impacts their decision to remain in the military by a large or moderate extent. The annual percent of the military spouse population that moves across state lines is 14.5 percent compared to 1.1 percent for civilian spouses. As much as 34 percent of military spouses in the labor force are required to be fully licensed.

State Policymakers

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