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In-State Tuition Continuity


Key Message

States can help military families pursue higher education by allowing military dependents, as long as they remain continuously enrolled in an institution of higher learning, to pay in-state tuition when an active-duty service member is transferred out of state.


In many states, a child or spouse of an active-duty service member can lose in-state tuition for higher education if the military sponsor is assigned out of state before their dependent starts classes.


Arizona rules state that a spouse or a dependent child does not lose in-state student classification under this subsection if the spouse or dependent child qualifies for in-state tuition classification at the time the spouse or dependent child is accepted for admission to a community college or a university in Arizona.1 1 Arizona Statute, Title 15 (Education), Chapter 14, Sec. 15-1802 E.

State Policymakers

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