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Virtual School Enrollment


Key Message

Military families seek continuity and stability for their children's education. Virtual schools can provide a bridge for military children transitioning between school districts where they may no longer have access to specific curricula. Eligible military children could participate without a residence requirement, if moving to/from the school within impacted states and for the gaining school, to accept credits taken through the virtual program.


When children move midterm as a result of their parents' military service, they are often disadvantaged due to missed deadlines for course completion or registration. A child could anticipate a midterm move and alleviate disruptions by registering for virtual classes in the receiving state for the transition semester.


About 185 thousand military children move between schools annually. Of these, a third move during the school year and either lose education opportunities or receive incomplete grades. Consequently, they may have to shift the normal course of study to attend summer school or add extra classes to a full curriculum, in order to graduate with their peers.

State Policymakers

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