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South Dakota

Status and Demographic Content

State Details

Latest Status
Concurrent Juvenile Jurisdiction: South Dakota Governor Signed Final Legislation
Demographic Data

State residents include:

  • 3,663 active-duty service members
  • 1,301 active-duty spouses
  • 2,303 active-duty children
  • 6,299 National Guard and reserve members
  • 3,136 National Guard and reserve spouses
  • 5,886 National Guard and reserve children

Data source: DMDC, Dec. 31, 2022.

Regional Liaison

  • Michelle Richart
    Midwest Regional Liaison
    Midwest Region
    CO, IA, KS, ND, NE, SD
    Ms. Richart became Midwest region liaison in 2023. Prior to joining the DSLO, she practiced law in the defense, corporate and nonprofit sectors and volunteered in a variety of military family advocacy and policy positions. Ms. Richart is a military spouse and graduate of the Nebraska College of Law.

Other Content

State-Specific Progress on State Policy Priorities and Sub-Priorities
See the latest status on legislation and policies being advanced in this state on state policy priorities important to military families. Find quick access to this state’s regional liaison, along with demographic data for the military community in this state.

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State Policy Priorities 2024

No priorities are currently in this status.